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Yellow Blossoms

May 23, 2023

Land Cruiser Heritage Museum

May 20, 2023

I’ve been a huge fan of Land Cruisers (and Toyota) since I was a teenager. In high school I drove an FJ40, I’ve also owned an FJ60, an FJ Cruiser, and now a Lexus GX470 (AKA Land Cruiser Prado 120). I’ve toured the Toyota factory in Aichi, Japan (twice)… yeah, I’m a fan. So is Greg Miller, the CEO of the Larry H. Miller Group – and he has the money to really do something about it.

The Land Cruiser Heritage Museum is the largest collection of Cruisers in the world, and it’s 45 minutes from my house in Salt Lake City. It’s a really cool place to visit.

Roller Coaster

May 19, 2023

This really awesome roller-coaster was in my parents basement for many years, entertaining all the little grandkids as they grew up. When my dad sold the house a few years back, the coaster made its way to my backyard where it was enjoyed for a short season. Then I got chickens. And they destroyed my backyard, for now it is a barren wasteland of dirt and chicken poop. Today I relocated the coaster to the front yard and now I am the envy of the neighborhood!

Dinosaur Footprints and Arches National Park

April 23, 2023

Imagine stepping in some mud, and being the last person to step in the mud, and then having people 165,000,000 years later find your steps in the now-stone mud. Well, we did that but it was from Dinosaur feet instead of Nike’s. Pretty fun! These footprints are a few miles down Willow Springs road just outside Arches, and if you continue going down Willow Springs road, you end up in Arches – but don’t need to pay! Pretty sweet, eh? The full road is about 8 miles and will take you 45-60 minutes to complete. You’ll need a 4 Wheel Drive as some spots are fun (rocky ledges) and your Camry just won’t do it. Eventually you’ll pop out by Balance Rock in Arches National Park.

Micro Machines

April 20, 2023

Thirty-four years ago my family packed up everything and left Texas, heading to Utah where we’d end up settling ever since. We left on my birthday. That same day, my best-friend Jordan gave me a 20 car Micro Machines collection. I loved those cars! Over the years my collection grew and I played with them all the time; sometimes I’d be able to buy some, other times they would be prizes for practicing the piano. Beyond the cars, I ended up with a carrying case and a few little play area cities to enjoy. Sadly, one of them is more or less destroyed because I gave it to Emmett too soon in his life, and the other one is not in the best condition, but it’s is still playable. I recently brought them all back out for the kids to play and they’ve had fun all playing together.

Emmett’s Off Road Recovery

April 13, 2023

A few days ago Emmett was playing with a tie-down trying to use it as a recovery strap. It was a bit too heavy and cumbersome for his RC cars. This morning the idea popped in my head to give him a few of the small bungee-cords I had in the camper. Voila! Emmett’s Off Road Recovery was born.

Happy Birthday, Emily

April 1, 2023

You’re 4. You’re growing up too quickly. You love to talk–non-stop when you have the opportunity. You love stuffies and anything cute, and always have to take some squishy kind of comfort when you go next-door in the morning, whether it’s your blankie or a stuffed animal. You still love to wear dresses most of the time and I absolutely love that. Your little soul craves so much snuggling it’s sometimes hard to keep you happy with that, but I do my best! For the past several months you come in to my room at some point in the middle of the night and finish up your sleep in my bed. I hope you never stop (although when Emmett or Elle want a turn, you’re kind of in the way and I feel bad about that).

Everyone that knows you just adores you, and it’s impossible to not feel more cheerful and happy after just a few minutes with you. You love to play around–too much! In the morning when I’m trying to get you ready and you’re playing run-away it just drives me crazy. But one day you’ll stop doing that and I’ll miss it, so I better enjoy it while I can.

The day after your birthday you woke up and asked “Daddy am I still 4?” and I quickly said “Yep, you’ll never be 3 again…” and that just broke my heart. I love you little Emily!

Sleeping Queens

March 25, 2023

Tonight I introduced the kids to Sleeping Queens, a rather fun and young-friendly card game.


March 25, 2023

Watching Paint Dry

March 20, 2023