A Day in the Life

A Photoblog by Joel

The 3 E-migo’s

February 22, 2020
Elle, Emily, and Emmett stuffed together for a photo
Elle. Emily. Emmett.

Gerber Baby?

February 20, 2020

My cousin Fran mentioned on one of my Instagram posts that the Gerber baby contest 2020 was underway. I thought “why not?” and entered this little cute baby. Hey! She’s adorable and the grand prize is $25,000.

Emily looking up from her crib with a huge smile

Happy Discovery

February 16, 2020
Emily smiles as she finds something to play with

Toy Time

February 15, 2020

Emily is finally crawling around and she’s having a blast exploring everything on the floor. And eating it as well.

Emily sitting on the floor of the playroom eating a toy train track

Trains, Buses, and more Trains

January 4, 2020

Today Emmett, Elle, and I went on an adventure. We started out at Orem Central Station and took the FrontRunner one stop south to Provo. The kids were so excited to climb aboard, and then head to the upper deck of the passenger car. Their faces were glued to the window the whole way.

Emmett and Elle looking out the upper-level FrontRunner window

After arriving in Provo we connected to the new UVX bus line and rode the bendy-bus to Provo Towne Center Mall. That was also fun for the kids, and it was a short ride over to the Mall.

Our first stop was the Food Court for some Pizza and BBQ. The Pizza was your typical faux-NY Style food court pizza, but the BBQ was great. On a sad note, right next to the BBQ joint was Panda Express and there were about 10 people in line while nobody was in line at BBQ. PEOPLE. DON’T BE LIKE THAT.

Go here. Not Panda Express.

After lunch it was time to play and we headed over to the play area. But! There was a train! Of course the kids had to go for a ride.

Before too long it was time to head back home the way we came. Back to the Bus, the train, and finally home.

I love the perspective and scale of this photo. I just dig it.
We arrived at the train early so we had the pick of the seats. Elle wanted a table and out came the Cheerios. The kids were mostly good at keeping them off the floor…

Snowball Fight

January 1, 2020
A snowball fight


December 14, 2019

On my drive in to work the sky was beautiful with scattered and layered clouds, the sun was starting to break though in some areas, and the snow was white and clean. Just before arriving at work I pulled off to the shoulder in front of a muddy field filled with construction equipment and other dirty things, pulled out my camera, and put on the 85mm 1.8 Rokinon. Set the Aperture to F8, metering to Spot and shot over the freeway and billboards in my foreground. Really happy with how this turned out.

A snow covered Mt. Timpanogos with clouds in the foreground


November 29, 2019
A family picture in front of a barn wall.


November 21, 2019

This morning Elle was feeling a little sick so I decided to stay home with her and Emily. I managed to get a good amount of work done so that was good. I came upstairs to get some water mid-morning and found my little girl all dressed up and sitting on the table coloring on the chair. The curtains were open and light was perfect so I had to grab my camera and capture the moment.

We had fun together today, at least until 5 or so when she was getting kind of hungry and quite cranky. She is just over 4 but so much more grown up in some ways, and yet still very young and immature in other ways. She has lots of emotion and struggles every day to live with them. I do too. We have some good fights, her and I. She just gets so stubborn that I can’t help but just want to send her to her room or put her to bed… and then she breaks and starts crying. She pushes me to my limits and then immediately regrets it. By bedtime though I make sure she knows I love her and we talk through it. She doesn’t like getting sad, and I don’t like getting mad.

Kids are amazing for personal growth. They’re all so unique in what they teach you.

Elle sits on a table coloring on a chair.

Stay home and color

November 20, 2019

Alicia recently decided she was wanting to go out and get a job – which she did. So now, Emmett goes to first-grade, and Elle and Emily go to a daycare a few miles away. The transition to daycare for Elle was pretty tough. She was excited and enthusiastic the first day or two, but quickly became very vocal about not wanting to go. She would wake up and the first thing she’d say to me in the morning was “I don’t want to go to daycare today” and would repeat that over and over while getting ready. It just broke my heart. I kept her home a few different times because I just didn’t have it in me to take her.

Week two. Tuesday. Once again Elle is feeling pretty sad about daycare. I’m laying in bed around 7:15am when Emmett comes in excitedly and shows me something. However, he quickly twisted his face and said he had a tummy ache. Alicia rushed him off to the bathroom and he started throwing up. Poor little guy. I hate seeing my kids gets sick. Time to stay home from work again.

To help Elle get off to daycare, I promised to take her to buy something new to play with afterwards. That helped. She was more willing to go. Little rewards can be such great motivation for kids when you’re at your wits end. Since daycare was only about 5 minutes away, I left Emmett at home with a bowl and a TV show to watch and I dropped off the girls. Success.

Emmett was up and down throughout the day. Sometimes he was normal and other times he was sluggish and took a long nap in the afternoon. By the end of the day though he was doing great.

That evening – true to my word – I took Elle to the Dollar Store to buy something new. She picked some marker coloring pages of Peppa Pig and Shimmer and Shine. When we arrived home she got right to work coloring – and did a really great job!

Finally, the day is done and it’s bedtime. It went okay. Bedtime is such a struggle for me.

Emmett sitting on the floor looking towards the TV
Elle laying on the floor coloring